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BelPolLogistics may provide a variety of forwarder’s services:

  • Development of shortest routes of cargo delivery and optimization of transportation expenses;
  • Supervision over correct processing of shipping documents;
  • Accumulation of goods at transit terminals along the way of the cargo as well as its warehousing;
  • Receipt of various permits, coordination of special transportation conditions;
  • Tracking over cargo traffic;
  • Assistance and consultations on arrangement of loading with provision of rolling stock to the loading station, guaranteed services quality in main seaports, terminals, stations etc.;
  • Cargo insurance against all risks;
  • Control over quantity and quality of transported goods by independent surveyors of SGS Company or other companies.

Taking over the responsibility for arrangement of forwarder’s services we withdraw from the Client all the solicitudes related to selection of convenient transportation route, payments, cargo tracking, search of rolling stock etc. In case of big transportation volumes there is a flexible discount system.

We provide the Client with the rapid receipt of all the necessary information by each specific transportation.

Here you may apply  for forwarding.

tel./ fax: (+375 152) 93 95 80

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Agreement for transportation and forwarding services
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