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Many factors influence the cost of delivering rail cargo, so there is no way to specify fixed rates. For a preliminary calculation, please fill out the form below. After receiving it, our manager will contact you to clarify the details. After that, experts will offer one or more schemes of cargo delivery indicating the exact cost of each option.

When transporting international goods, the calculation of the cost of railway transportation mainly depends on the pricing policy of the states through which the cargo follows. The following points will affect the cost of moving it:

  • tariffs of railway cars of various types (hoppers, tanks, refrigerators, platforms and others);
  • type of cargo:
  • order quantity;
  • the need for insurance;
  • number of customs codes;
  • distance;
  • the presence of transit countries;
  • other factors that may affect the cost of transportation.

When calculating the cost of railway transportation, the urgency of delivery and some other nuances are also taken into account: transportation of hazardous substances, perishable products, especially valuable property, animals. When setting the price, it is necessary to take into account the costs of transshipment, freight forwarding services, assistance of a customs broker.

We will provide an accurate calculation of the cost of railway transportation, help in placing an order and solving other issues related to the delivery of goods.