JLLC BelPolLogistics offers to use the services of a cargo terminal, conveniently located 5 km from the Bruzgi station equipped with modern lifting equipment.

The total area of ​​the Bakuni terminal is 38 hectares, the area of ​​storage areas with hard surface for storage, consolidation and transit of goods is about 8,000 m2.

The terminal is located on the site where the tracks of two different standards with a width of 1520 mm and 1435 mm intersect, which makes it possible to reload railway loads from a wide gauge to a narrow one, and in the opposite direction.

High speed loading/unloading of goods is made by the powerful and reliable HITACHI equipment.

We provide services for the transshipment of bulk and other cargoes following in the direction of EAST-WEST-EAST.

Weighing of goods is carried out by ultra-precise railways scales (Mettler Toledo).

Experienced employees, using modern equipment and software, guarantee timely reception, processing, dispatch and round-the-clock protection of goods.

We provide the provision in the shortest possible time of an empty rolling stock of 1435 mm gauge, for the transportation of goods through the territory of European countries.

You can get detailed information about railway overload features. cargo at our terminal, the cost of services, as well as other information. To apply, fill out a special form or contact our representative by phone.

Phone: +375 (152) 96 45 15
Fax: +375 (152) 60 38 03

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